DIY Anna from Frozen

(Remember when I said that to keep this blog going it might not always be home diy-ing, here’s a costume diy!)

Sometimes this little voice appears in my head and tells me to do something that would be ridiculous, but also pretty awesome. Usually I tell this voice no, I don’t want to drop out of school to join a circus, or no, I don’t think that adopting all the cats in the world is a good plan.

But then sometimes I do listen to it. Like this Thursday when out of the blue, I suddenly decided I really ought to be Anna from Frozen this Sunday. To put this in context, this Sunday my university was running a Halloween fair for children in our community and I was volunteering with a club I’m a part of. I knew that I already had a great costume that my mum was making me for Halloween, but my brain would not let go of the idea of being Anna.

AnnaFrozenDisneySo I did what any reasonable person would do and went shopping. The vest part was simple enough. I found one at Goodwill for $3. Then I ran over to Jo-Anns to buy fabric for the skirt and embroidery floss. I decided I wasn’t going for perfect or accurate, just for something recognizable as Anna. The good news is that as far as costumes go, it was actually pretty easy to make.

1010128_10205022398897964_5526800362286501612_n The skirt was just a circle skirt. I cut four panels and connected them to a waistband. I decided not to do the floral designs along the bottom because this was just going to be a simple recreation (and because there was lots of homework I should have been doing instead of sewing an Anna costume).

For the vest I stitched the bottom of the neckline to create a sweetheart neckline, and then stitched along the bottom to make it a little pointy. The embroidery wasn’t hard, but it was time consuming. If I were to do this again, I’d probably try a chain-stitch instead. Or opt out of embroidering entirely, and cut the design out of a non-fray fabric and sew it on. The easiest (although I’m not as big a fan of the versions I saw that did this) would be to use fabric paint. After all the embroidery, I stitched gold ribbon around the bottom hem and arms. The shirt was just a chambray shirt I had that I tucked in the collar of.

Hair was easy for me, as my hair is already red-blond and I have bangs. So I just braided my hair and was good to go.

smileyPrivacy smiley!

While I was making the costume I felt a little silly. After all, I already had a wonderful costume for Halloween and I wasn’t doing a great job on this one. But I’m really glad I did decide to make it. So many kids were thrilled to meet “Anna” at the festival today. I got tons of hugs (and lots of kids playing with my braids. I do not know why, but they were obsessed). There were so many little Elsas running around! There was even a little Olaf! A few of the kids I talked to kept coming back to see “Anna” again. It was adorable, and I had so much fun!

I’ve always loved working with kids, but today made me a lot more confident in my plans to audition to work for Disneyworld after I graduate. I still want to make an actual Anna costume at some point, one that’s more accurate, but this worked perfectly for today.

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Updates on the New House

The new house is supposed to be ready for us to move into in just a couple of weeks. They’ve made a lot of progress since I last saw it!

Here’s my room. Unfortunately, they hadn’t installed the lights yet when I visited, so this doesn’t give an accurate depiction of the color of my room. It’s a cool, pale grey.

You can also see the beginnings of my window seat!


My bathroom. It looked almost done. It still needed lights and a mirror, and to get rid of the black thing in the tub, but otherwise it looked nice! It’s painted the same grey color as my room (each new color cost $200, for reasons unknown as it definitely doesn’t cost that much to buy paint).


The living room built-ins are done! Though the wall color looks like it’s the same as the one in my room, it’s not. It’s more of greenish, warm grey. Yay for terribly lit phone pictures!


And the kitchen!IMG_2724According to my mum the window seats and bookshelves are done in my room now, they’ve hung all the lights, and have started putting in the wood floors!! Most importantly, the hot tub has been installed. 😀

I can’t wait for it to be done, but even though it’ll be completed in a couple of weeks, I won’t get to see it in person until Thanksgiving. Or use the hot tub until then. Woe is me.

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Window Shopping at Home Goods and World Market

I was home this past weekend on a break from school and spent some time looking at furniture for our new house. Of course, I couldn’t buy everything I liked, but I did take photos!

First up, Home Goods. I was looking for a small teal plush chair for my room. Luckily that’s something that’s in this season. There were lots of options!

Option 1!IMG_2694

Wouldn’t this be so cute in my bathroom? We are dubious that would be enough space. So sad.IMG_2695

Another teal chair. This one was a little too big.


I love this little table but I have no place for it. Wouldn’t it make an adorable little nightstand?


Another teal chair. This one was shorter than I wanted in the back.


I’m still on the look out for a bench for the end of my bed. This one could work if I don’t find something I like better.


Cute art!


I definitely want to get cute hooks like these to hang coats on behind my door.


Fun old fashioned globe.


Fun old fashioned plane. I want my brother to get this for his room, it would fit in.


Squirrel!! I love squirrels. Like a lot. So a squirrel pillow? Mine.IMG_2705

I even tested it on a teal chair for looks. Ta-da!


World Market:

Teal chair number 2930. I liked this one but it was too big for the corner it was going in.IMG_2707

And thisss one. This was the one I chose and we bought. It’s the perfect size and really comfy. And now it’s mine, all mine! Mwhahaha.


Decor! Who doesn’t need a little mailbox? Actually most people don’t, but I want it anyway.


Also, clock. My brother is doing his room in a vaguely old traveler/ steampunk kind of way. I want to buy him all these decorations, but he probably wouldn’t appreciate that.


READ!IMG_2711 IMG_2712

Is there any way I can incorporate a rolling tray in my room?? Any way?? No? Darn.IMG_2713

Another cute nightstand. I’m still happy with my choice of nightstand, but these are awesome!IMG_2714

You can buy different doorknobs to customize the look.IMG_2715 Tuk-tuk (rickshaws) pillow! We rode in tuk-tuks when we lived in the Philippines, so I was very tempted to get this out of nostalgia.  I’m still not entirely convinced I won’t go back for it.IMG_2717

I don’t understand, but isn’t it interesting?IMG_2718 IMG_2719 I liked this yellow poof, but I want to see how much space there will be in my room before I buy any more furniture.  IMG_2721

Snazzy lamp. I was looking for something in mercury glass but I didn’t end up finding what I was looking for.IMG_2722

Look at the fun buttons in the back of this chair!IMG_2723 I may only have ended up with a chair and a squirrel pillow but I’m really pleased with them. Now if only the house was done and we could start actually decorating. I do have updated pictures! Look for those soon!

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DIY Photo String Frame

tumblr_ls6gfjEStD1qb5c25Sort of. I hadn’t intended to take a month and a half hiatus, but alas, school takes priority over all. It also means that I haven’t had the time or space to do much diy-ing. But I think I can make this work by also posting other diy projects I do and maybe some other random things like book reviews. We’ll see.

This post is still a home based diy. You remember this sad but potential filled frame I rescued from our neighbor’s trash:

6It now decorates a wall in our apartment and looks a whole lot spiffier!


pin1Sorry for the terrible photo quality. This is hung at the bottom of our stairs in a place that is a dark hole that never gets good lighting.

The good news is that this was really easy to make. My dad helped me put nails into the back of the frame, 6 on each side about 6 inches apart. Then I strung string between them as tightly as I could (the weight of the clothes pins weighs down the string no matter how tight it is, so you want to make it really tight or your strings will look droopy). We had only a minor setback in that the wood in one corner split but some wood glue fixed that problem easily.

pin2I had meant to get plain clothes pins but the craft store I went to only had these decorated ones. I actually love how they look and they weren’t more expensive then normal ones would have been so win-win!

I initially meant for this to be a place where my roommates and I could rotate art, but we haven’t. The postcards on it have been there since the beginning. I them got at 798 (the art district) at a shop in Beijing. They had a big box of them and I fished through and found ones I thought were interesting. Except for the bottom picture which is the front of my cousin’s wedding invite and the very top postcard which I got at a local vintage shop.

pin3 I can’t promise regularly scheduled updates, but now that I’m back I plan to post more frequently than once a month!

Done any fun diy-ing lately? Or have you recycled something and made it into something else?


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