Cabinet Makeover

The townhouse I live in when I’m at school is nice, but has the standard “no painting the walls” rule, so every room in the place is painted a boring, flat white. Last year I tried to bring in furniture that was colorful to liven up the space, but this year I thought I’d try adding some diy-ing to the mix!

Enter this cute, but white cabinet from Goodwill.


Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a little DIY. Because I was working solo (and was a little too excited just to jump in) I didn’t take photos of the process, but it involved taking the drawer out and unscrewing the front (I painted the front green but the inside a pale blue), and removing the cabinet door from the main cabinet and the glass pane from that. Then I just did two coats of paint on everything, let everything dry and put it back together.

after2I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in “Eden” (which is the yummiest apple green color), and got a test pot of Behr paint in “Winter Surf” for the inside shelves. Both paints were paint plus primer and because the cabinet was already white, I didn’t need to do a seperate layer of primer first, which was nice.

If you paid close attention, you’ll notice that the pane of glass goes from frosted to unfrosted. The original owners never took the protective liner off the glass. And it didn’t want to come off. It took lots of scraping and peeling and worrying that the glass might shatter, and eventually all the liner was off, but the glass was covered in a sticky residue. My dad came to the rescue by suggesting I use DW-40 on it and presto, it took some scraping but the residue was gone and the glass was clear!


I also used mod-podge to attach some fun scrapbook paper (from Micheal’s for 59 cents, I used two sheets) to the inside of the drawer. Tip from someone who hadn’t used mod-podge before: don’t try to brush a new layer on the paper until after the bottom glue is totally dry! I started to and the paper immediately began to wrinkle, yikes!

It’s pretty much done, but I still think I might want to switch out the handles for something more fun. Aside from that, this cabinet is ready to go, but sadly won’t see it’s permanent home until I’m back at school in a couple months. It currently lives in our kitchen where my parents get to watch me look at it giddily every time I walk by it.


pig2In the mean time, I found this adorable pig at Goodwill for $2. It only has three legs (on purpose – the back one is in the middle), so I googled it and found out its a Chilean good-luck pig. I think I may paint it, but I can’t decide what color, a golden yellow maybe? Any suggestions?

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