Accesssories for the WC

The bathroom in my apartment is set up with an open area that has two sinks and then two separate stalls that contain the toilet and the shower. Which is great for sharing with roommates, but makes each space very small and hard to decorate. Particularly the toilet stall (water closet?) as it’s too narrow to hang pictures on the side walls without bumping into them. All I did last year was hang two small pictures about the toilet and call it a day. this year I want to try a little harder. So my goals for decorating are:

  1. Find better place to store extra toilet paper than the back of the toilet.
  2. Ditto with the various bathroom scent sprays that my roommates like to buy.
  3. Find a way to find some color into the room.
  4. Accessorize!

I had a couple ideas about how to maximize the space, such as finding/ making an over the toilet shelving unit, ala this one from Pottery Barn:


Problem is, our WC is so small that having full shelves in there would end up making the room looking too cluttered. We also just didn’t need that much storage. A couple floating shelves above the toilet would have been perfect, but alas, our apartment has a no nails in the walls rule, and command strips definitely wouldn’t cut it for that.

Eventually I decided that a small woven basket that could live on the floor would work for storing extra TP and bathroom sprays. Then a couple weeks ago, I spotted this beauty marked all the way down to $7 at Jo-Ann’s. Sold. Particularly when I compared it to the other baskets of a similar size that Jo-Ann’s was selling, and they were all in the $20-30 range.

basket(Please ignore that I’m currently using it to corral books for my honors thesis research.)

I couldn’t decide on a style for the room until I found this glass bottle and felt the overwhelming urge to fill it with sand.


I had toyed with the idea of making the bathroom sort of beachy, but this seemed to confirm that that was where this room was headed. So I snagged the glass bottle, the little white vase and the wooden tray for under $5 at Goodwill (where I had gone again hoping that a small shelving unit I had seen on Monday would still be there. Alas, it had a sold sticker. Ms. Gloria Carver better appreciate her awesome shelves. Sob).

When I bought them, I had every intention of painting the wooden tray and the white vase but after staring at them together, I’m not sure if I will. Maybe just the vase, in a pale turquoise? I do have a plan for the grouping: sand in the glass bottle, a couple seashells scattered in the dish, and I’m going to turn the vase into a diffuser. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, this one from Anthropologie is cute, although mine will obviously be somewhat different:


Still need a good way to bring more color into the room. Anyone have suggestions for how to bring some color into a tiny space without overwhelming it (it’s really only about 3×4 feet…)?

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