Yard Sales and Chalkboard Part 1

All week I saw signs about a neighborhood yard sale, so this morning I got up a little early and my mum and I went to check it out. The first thing immediately apparent was that most people were trying to sell baby clothes and toys. Over half the stuff we saw was baby stuff, which wasn’t particularly useful for us. However, we didn’t walk away empty handed. My mum scored a bunch of necklaces (some which she’s planning to cut up for beads and some that were fun the way they are), and I found some pretty bottles (for $1.50 each) and a chalkboard ($1).

ImageThe bottles are the perfect colors for both the front room and bathroom at our apartment so I know that I’ll be able to use them somewhere. And I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a lightweight chalkboard for a while now (the no nails in the wall rule means that anything that’s going to be hung up needs to be pretty lightweight, and most chalkboards I’ve found haven’t been), so I was pretty jazzed to find this one. Especially for that price!

ImageHere it is, still bearing original artwork from its previous owners.

The color wasn’t ideal (white accessories in an apartment that has all white walls kind of disappear), but I loved the shape and knew I could paint it. You can’t see it particularly well in the photo above, but the frame wasn’t just off-white, it also had little streaks of gold.


You can see the gold a little better here.

I still had some paint leftover from my cabinet makeover, so I thought I’d give the pale turquoise a try first because hey, free paint.


ImageIt’s okaaay, but in person the turquoise is even lighter than it photographed. I think I want it to darker, a more peacock-y blue. More like this:

ImageIsn’t it beautiful? Le sigh.

I took this picture over a year ago when my family was browsing a Pier One Imports. It was a magnetic board rather than a chalkboard, but I’d been hoping to find/ make something similar but less heavy (and expensive) since then. I’m going to get a test pot of a darker blue and paint over the lighter blue. Anddd my mum found a pot of Martha Stewart gold paint hiding amongst the craft supplies. I’ll sponge that into the craved decoration on top, and then maybe distress it? We’ll have to see!

ImageAnyone else score any fun yard sale finds this weekend?

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