Chalk Board Pt. 2

Part of 2 of my chalk board makeover (the first part can be found here)!

At the last end of our last thrilling installment of DIY, my chalk board was looking like this:

ImageEhhh, it was alright but not great. I wanted the color to pop more. A quick trip to Home Depot and I had picked up some new paint. Behr’s “Tropical Waters”, but I had it color matched to a test pot of Glidden because I wanted to have an eggshell finish and Behr didn’t seem to offer that as an option for test paint.

ImageOne of the first things I noticed was that I forgot to paint the inside edge of the frame the first go round. Oops. But at least I caught it! I was worried that using my paintbrush would glop too much paint on and it might leak down onto the chalk board beneath the tape, so I used a q-tip. It worked pretty well and let me control the amount of paint I was using better than if I had used a paintbrush. I also used a q-tip to get paint into all the nooks and crannies in the swirly part at the top of the board that my paintbrush had a hard time reaching.

ImageAhhh, the new color is much better. It’s photographed a little bluer than it is. It actually has a lot of green in it. Here’s the official paint chip from the Behr website:

ImageSee what I mean? Its a nice green-blue.

ImageAfter letting two coats of paint dry, I got out the Martha Stewart gold paint. I had planned to use the q-tip trick to lightly apply the paint along the swirly top decoration, but I wanted a little more control. So I used my finger. Very professional, I know, but it let me really control where I got the paint and I was able to smear it pretty thin. After that, having gold on just the top looked a little odd, so I smeared an even thinner layer around the sides. Then I wiped everything down with a wet paper towel to leave thin, uneven streaks of gold.

ImageImageLook at that gold.

The gold adds a fun element to it, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. But let’s take it back to how it looked when I first got the chalk board:

ImageAnd the chalk board now:

ImageBe le gasp! What is that I spy?

ImageSome paint bled under the tape in a few spots. Sad. But I gently took an exacto knife to it and got all the worst bits off. Anddd done!

Cost break down:

Chalk Board: $1

Paint: $4 (I already had the first paint I tried and the gold paint)

Total: $5

Not bad for a fun project!

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