Birthday Chairs!

This weekend my brother asked if we could go thrifting, and I agreed, although I didn’t have anything in particular in mind to buy. Until I saw these four gorgeous chairs.

1I had been tossing around the idea of getting nicer chairs for the front room of our apartment for a while. The apartment comes furnished with chairs but they’re metal and blue plastic ones reminiscent of the chairs I used in high school. Functional but not particularly stylish. I bounced back and forth between “but pretty chairs” and “but we would still have to keep the ones the apartment comes with somewhere”. That is, until I saw these beauties and decided the provided chairs could live in our closet.


2These chairs are a perfect base for a chair makeover. They’re solidly built, even if the wood is a little dinged in a few places and the cushions are just ready to be reupholstered. So when I asked the manager how much the chairs were (they hadn’t been priced yet), and he gave them the once over and said I could have all four for $40 if I bought them right now, I was sold. $40 is no spare change, but my birthday is this month (yay me!) so I decided I’d splurge a little bit to not only get four awesome chairs, but to give myself the chance to do some larger scale DIY.


My first instinct was to paint them white and cover the cushions in a bright fun fabric, Like these I found over on a site called Funkytime:

before-and-afterOooooooh, Aaaaaaah.

But because the chairs will be going in the front room, which already has a lot of colorful pieces, I think I’m going to keep them a little more subtle for now. Likely I’ll refinish and stain the wood a little darker, and then choose a fun but subtle fabric for the cushions.

Here’s a quick photoshop edit to show you what I mean:

1editI probably wouldn’t do chevron cushions, but you get the idea; darker wood, fun pillow. Unless, does anyone have any better ideas? Anyone else ever redone a chair before?

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