Taking It to the Streets

You what’s awesome? Cheap furniture. You know what’s even more awesome? Free furniture.

I’m no stranger to taking furniture from the curb, so when I spotted two chairs put out as trash when driving a friend home last night, I stopped to grab them on the way back.


Are they in great shape? Nope. They’re actually in pretty terrible shape.

2The other chair’s seat is even worse. It looks like they might have once had cushions glued on them and then taken off (judging by the odd stains left on the seats). That or someone went to town gluing sawdust and pet hair to them. But the important thing is that under the dirt, they’re a functional shape and were *free* so it’s not like I’m losing anything if they don’t work out.

The exciting thing is that I don’t actually have a place for them. Which is sad, but also freeing. Now I’ll just get to re-do these two chairs purely for the fun of it and in any design style I want, rather than curbing my choices to fit into a room’s current theme. I also don’t have to worry about accidentally ruining them. So I don’t know what I’m going to do to them yet, but I’m excited. Is there a way to make them into chairs that could live outside? We do have a patio they could live on… Hmm.

The chairs aren’t the only furniture I’ve rescued from the curb this summer. I also nabbed this cute wire plant rack when I was out for a run one day.


Has it seen better days? Yes. But with some elbow grease to remove the rust and a fresh coat of paint can it see even better days in the future? Yes.


I’ve actually been putting this off because sanding is not my favorite thing to do, but I do have a plan for this. Its going to be a nice light yellow color and I’m going to get some fun (but hard to kill) potted plants to put on them. Then it’ll live on the front porch of our apartment. My mental image is so pretty, it makes me almost want to bust out the sandpaper and get to work. Almost.

Have you ever rescued anything from the curb? Did you spruce it up in a fun way or leave it as it was?

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