Window Shopping at Anthropologie

My mum and I popped up to NYC for the weekend and took the opportunity to do some window shopping at a few stores up there. Why window shopping? Because NYC is expensive, and window shopping is fun. Here are some things that caught my eye while I was at Anthropologie! Sorry for the blurriness of some of the photos, my phone was not cooperating.

1How great are all the colors in this grouping? And aren’t the glasses fun? A little bit of color and decoration but not too much.

2I was so tempted by all these fun doorknobs. I’ve been on the lookout for some doorknobs for the cabinet I redid recently, but at $12 a piece for most of them, I didn’t get any.

3These cups were adorable. They’d make a great present for someone.

4I might have gotten one of these, but the one for my initial was a bright orange and dark blue, which was not as cute a little too reminiscent of a middle school art project I once did where we had to use complimentary colors and I chose blue and orange. But look how pretty these ones that were softer colors were! Maybe this is something that could be DIY-ed with decoupage?

5Fun soap!

6I didn’t stop to smell this perfume, but the bottle was so cute! Look at the fun gold top on it.7These were part of the store decorations and not for sale, but you could have a lot of fun hanging paper cranes in your house. It would look really cute in a little girl or boy’s room, maybe even as part of a mobile for a baby.

8My phone refused to focus on the plant, so this is the best of the photos I took. This small plant would be perfect for the front room of our apartment. Or something like this. Succulent plants are much harder to kill, which is great for someone who isn’t as great with plants (coughmecough).

9These candles were tempting, but our apartment has a no candles rule (they will actually confiscate them if they see them), so alas, I didn’t get one.

10Of the things at Anthropologie, this was probably the one that tempted me most. This adorable hanger would have looked great in my bedroom in my parent’s new house.

11But they were $18 and without a definite idea for what I want my room to be like, I decided it would be better to wait and try to nab one online later if I change my mind.

12More pretty colors. I love this combination of blues.

13A lot of the glasses had fun prints and sayings on them. This one had a whale on the other side.

14The cups were cute but what really captured my attention was the cool old box they were on. Which probably wasn’t for sale. DIY-ing something like probably wouldn’t be too hard.

Anyone else do any fun window shopping (or real shopping) this weekend?

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