Sheep Thrills

…or really, ram thrills. But let me start at the beginning. A couple weeks ago this arrived in the mail:

2The J. Peterman catalogue owner’s manual. Complete with beautiful watercolor drawings of the things for sale and cute stories under each item. I was reading it, sighing at the prices when a lightbulb went off. I’d been looking for something fun to hang in the bathroom, why not one of their pages? I mean look how fun they are!




I also really liked how the little mini stories under each of them added a fun twist to just having a simple piece of art on the wall. The one downside is that the pages are an odd shape, so it took a few weeks before I found a frame at Goodwill that would work (because it not only had to be the right size but lightweight enough that I’d be able to hang it with command strips or hooks). I could have broke down and gotten something from somewhere like Ikea, but I wasn’t in any rush, so I waited it out.

Enter this beauty for $1.58! A great reminder that patience will get you good deals and that you should ignore the art in the frame because it can always be removed.

1 But who wouldn’t want a lifelike ram drawing? What, not you? Alright then. So the ram had to go. Apparently this was once someone else’s mini DIY project because the back of the ram picture was a calendar. From 1999.


So after removing the ram art, I carefully cut the page from the magazine that I had chosen using an exacto knife. I was worried just pulling the page out wouldn’t result in a straight tear (or worse would rip the image) so I gently scored the very edge with an exacto knife and then pulled the page free.


I tidied up the rough edge with a straight cutter, and then gathered up a bunch of mat options from our scrapbook drawer.7

The winner was this warm yellow paper that was printed to have a rough weave/ fabric pattern on it. So I trimmed it using the ram paper as a guide and then taped the magazine page to the mat using some tape loops.8


Presto! Done.

9I had planned to paint the frame white, but seeing it all together, I may leave it the way it is. The golden-orange in the wood really mimics the gold-oranges in the dress.

Anyone else find inspiration in any odd places lately? Think I should have stuck with the ram? Let me know!

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