Painting the Chairs pt. 1

Remember those chairs I found on the street? I finally started working on them!

I scrubbed the gross hair/ sawdust off the top, but that wasn’t exciting enough to merit a post on its own. It was just water, paper towels and elbow grease but it all came off. There were still a lot of rough spots left where the wood was scuffed up.

1So I took a sanding block to it. I couldn’t tell you what kind of sandpaper it is, just something I found in my dad’s toolkit. My brother guessed it was probably a fine grit when he looked at the chairs later.

I gently ran it over the rough edges of the chair until it felt smooth to me.2

And then on to the fun part – painting! The paint I used was a glossy rust-oleum in “Seaside”. 3Half way done! I only painted one chair because that way if I didn’t like the color, I would only have to repaint one chair. I loved the color in the end, but I ran out of paint after one chair, so it was just as well I didn’t try to do both.

4And here is the chair as it is now. It doesn’t show in the photo but the seat is still pretty rough. I bought another can of paint and I’m going to sand it properly before repainting it.5I think I’m going to paint the other chair in a bright pink (think watermelon), and then find cushion fabric. I’m also looking into options to make the chairs semi-weather proof, in which case I could bring them with me to our apartment and put them out on the back porch!

Has anyone else started any fun projects lately? Anyone know anything about waterproofing furniture?

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