California Dreamin’

My family was in California for the last week visiting relatives and I came back with some unusual souvenirs. All, predictably, house decor related.

First up was this lovely set of soap dispensers.


I’ve been looking for a pair for my apartment bathroom for a while (there are two sinks), but because I wanted matching ones Goodwill hadn’t come through for me, and I wasn’t willing to pay the $10+ a piece (cheap? Who me?) that they cost in other places. But then, browsing a Dollar Tree, I found these for a dollar each. I grabbed them and then stood there thinking that there must be a catch. But there wasn’t. They’ve got a nice texture and the ceramic is painted an off-white and a pale blue.

Then, while my mum took my grandmother shopping at T. J. Max, I wandered over to the home goods section, certain I would only be window shopping when I found:

1Picture frames. I got these two and two others. They’re all big (fit 8×10 pictures), but they were cheaper than I have been able to find at Goodwill for the same size (these were all between $5-$7), and nicer. So after hemming and hawing at them (because everyone knows the best time to buy large, breakable things is when you’re going to have to put them in your already full luggage), I bought them. I have a specific plan in mind for these, so look out for that soon.

Rounding out my vacation souvenirs were these fish shaped molds.

3I found them in my grandmother’s garage. My grandmother let me have them on the promise that I make her tuna fish mousse recipe in them at least once. Which I will, but most of the time, these babies are going to be hanging on the wall in our vaguely nautical bathroom. They are going to look so. cool.

I loved seeing my extended family, but it’s good to be home and I’m ready to get back to diy-ing.

Anyone else go anywhere fun recently? Ever find anything unusual (like fish molds) that you’re using as decoration?


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