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Remember when I said to expect something soon with these frames I got last week?

1My plan for some time has been to find four cool frames and then dedicate one frame to the initials of each of my three apartment-mates and myself. I wasn’t entirely sure how exactly I wanted to make the initials, so I hit up pinterest for ideas.

The first idea I copied was painting a letter on a patterned paper. (Click the picture to go to the original source for this inspiration image!)

760503928808b9ca6a6ae3f3a98d8a9dI thought it would look cool to paint a letter on a paint chip. The only one I had lying around was one that was too pale to be ideal, but I figured it would work for a test run.

1I also wanted to mimic the idea I found below (click ze picture for ze source).

d3b87476bbb338120cf46c7b2ecfb75cI didn’t feel like making a run to the craft store, so I used cardboard instead of wooden letters.

2And then I painted everything white using the white paint I’ve been using to paint the stair molding.


I decided to leave one of the letters plain white to see how that looked and decorated the other using clippings from a magazine and mod-podge.

5 6In the end I had:

Option 1:

7Option 2:


Option 3:9 Plain white wasn’t working for me, so it was either option 1 or option 3. Tune in next time to see which I picked and how the finished products look!

Also, I free handed all the letters, but I based them off this free font here!

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