Front Room Mood Board

As much as I like decorating and up-cycling furniture, it’s sometimes kind of frustrating that with my apartment I can’t see how the finished rooms will fit together until August. Sometimes it even makes it hard for me to make decisions about colors or patterns.

Like with my birthday chairs.

1I felt like I had to keep them neutral because I have so many colors in the front room, but I was leaning more and more towards wanting to paint the chairs. Especially when I found these:

So pretty.

But would turquoise chairs go with everything I already have? Trying to picture all the colors and patterns I have in the front room wasn’t working for me. So to see everything in one place, I made a mood board:

front_roomThe sofa, cabinet, chalkboard, pig, pictures and green glass bottle are exactly what I already own.

The pillow, vase, bird art, and three color side table are the closet I could find to the other things I have.

And there’s the beautiful chair from “justalittlecreativity” to see how something like it would work in the space.

Seeing it all together, I’m feeling a little more comfortable with painting the chairs turquoise. If the mood board is to be believed, it looks like they would fit right in with the space. Maybe now I’ll finally bite the bullet!

Any projects you’re having trouble with?

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