Fixated on Your Verdisgris

Points to anyone who gets the title reference!

Remember in my last post when I said I was building up the courage to paint my birthday chairs?

3I did! Kind of. I painted one of them. First I did a test of the style of painting I wanted to do, sort of an imperfect, rustic look. I decided that the test strip looked okay, so I was willing to plunge in and do the whole chair.

4The cushion was surprisingly easy to remove. Which really means that I couldn’t figure out how it was attached to the chair and flipped it to get a better look, and then while shoving on the seat had it fall out onto my foot. It’ll probably bruise, but that’s a small price to pay for great chairs.

5The color variation in different light sources is kind of crazy. In some lights it almost looks like a pale teal, in some a minty green, and only in relatively few does it actually look like what the paint color is, which is a pale turquoise.

67I can’t decide if I like it or not. Well, I like it, but I can’t decide if I love it enough to do the rest of the chairs or if I want to wait and try something else.

To help my indecision, I pulled out some fabric samples to see if any worked as pillow fabric. None did, but I loved the combo below. Even though they don’t really go together and definitely don’t go color wise in the room the chairs will be in.

8I took this picture at a local upholstery store over the weekend, and I think that this could be a good potential cushion fabric. The colors are right for the room and I like the pattern.

10The chairs do go with the other colors in the room as far as I can tell. Here’s the chair with a rug I bought for the front room. ($8 at Goodwill a few weeks ago).


I think I want to get my mum’s opinion on the color before I go any further. My dad loves  the color because he says it looks like the chairs are made of verdisgris-ed copper. Which, of course, means all I can picture is that the chair looks like the Statue of Liberty… 11Still, my dad liking them is a point in their favor.

What do you guys think of the color?

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