Progress on the New House

This weekend we made a trip to see the progress on the house my parents are building.


Here’s my future bathroom:2

Future bedroom:3

Eventually there will be built in bookshelves and a window seat on the wall with the two big windows. I’m especially excited for that because I have two bookshelves in my current room and they are overflowing. Hopefully the new built in ones will provide more space.4

Looking into my closet.5

The backyard is looking great right now.6

…or not. My parents actually aren’t sure what they want to do with the backyard, so I may get to help with designing it!

We also found this cute little guy. We aren’t entirely sure what he is, but my family decided it’s Yoda.7

And the community we’re moving to has goats. Which excites me to no end because I love animals. (It also has wild deer and rabbits!!)




I’m been kind of meh about decorating my new room so far, but now that I’ve stood in it, I have tons of ideas. I’ll be back soon with mood boards, I expect.

Anyone else go anywhere fun this weekend?

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