One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Last week, hoping to finally finish my birthday chairs, I headed to a local shop called Haute Fabrics that sells upholstery and curtain fabric.

They have so. many. options.


There are multiple rows and they all look like this. It’s a fabric paradise.

After poking around, I narrowed it down to a few options and got clippings so I could see how the fabrics looked with the paint job I gave the chairs.


Going in, I was 95% certain that I was going to use the yellow and white scrap of fabric to the far left. I love yellow and teal together as a combo and I thought that it would tie the chairs to the yellow sofa we have in our front room. Buuuuuut, then I got home and saw how they all looked with the chairs and changed my mind completely.

I had only gotten a snip of the teal and white fabric on a whim, but what a great whim it was! Today I went back and bought a yard and a half. The plan was to buy the fabric, and get the seats upholstered and done.


My dad got out his staple gun, and we were set to go. The underside of the chair seats proved that they had been reupholstered (multiple times). I decided I would leave the white fabric on because that way I wouldn’t have to worry about a possible bright color fabric showing through my fabric.

But, the white fabric hadn’t been stapled on very well. I wanted to pull it tighter and re-staple it so I could trim away all the excess fabric.


I pulled it out the old one and held the fabric tight while my dad stapled. And then the staple gun jammed. Wah wah.


The single staple.

Not wanting to waste my desire to do something at least vaguely diy, I got out the front of a cabinet that my mum rescued from our neighbor’s trash for me.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it for a long time, but this weekend I realized I could string wire across the open back and pin up pictures to the wire for a changeable art display.


Sadly, I didn’t have the materials to do anything but finally clean all the dirt off it.

Can you believe they were just throwing this away??7

I was silently supported by our Xi’an Warrior.

8My dad is ordering a new staple gun (he does enough handy work that he wants to have a working one), but that puts a stop to my chairs for the time being. It’s a little frustrating to have my plans disrupted, but that’s part of diy-ing.

Anyone finish any projects lately? Or hit a stumbling block like me?



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