THEY’RE DONE (plus some re-upholstery 101)

Guys. Guys. The birthday chairs are done.

And they. look. AWESOME.


I’m so happy with the finished product that I could just gush about it, but instead I’ll tell you about the final step to finishing the chairs: re-upholstery! I was a little nervous because I’ve never upholstered something before, but it turned out to be a piece of cake.

After the set back of last time (the death of our old staple gun), I set out with beautiful new beauty!


Ooooh, awww.

If you remember my last post, I wanted to re-staple the white fabric already on the pillows to make it tighter. So I wiggled out the old staples a couple at a time, and put in new staples. Simple stuff.

Then came the corners.

Easy Corners (guest starring my mum’s hand)

Step 1: Pull the fabric at the point of the cushion tight (If your fabric is in a big square, this is easy, just pull the corner of the fabric over the corner of the cushion) and staple.


Step 2: Fold fabric on one side over the stapled fabric, pull tight.


Step 3: Fold the other side in the same way. Smooth both sides and staple.16If you don’t like how it looks, do it again. That’s what makes this project easy – if you mess up, you can just do it again.

In the process of re-stapling the white fabric, I had to pull out the original staples, which gave me the chance to see what fabrics had been used on the cushions before.17

Both these fabrics were one layer down. I hope they weren’t used in the same room…18For the fabric I was going to use, I made a rough pattern out of newspaper (really rough, I just put the cushion down on the middle of a piece of newspaper and folded it how I would the fabric. Any extra paper was cut away).

Then I cut out the fabric and carefully centered it. Once I was happy, I put four staples in the back. After checking that the fabric was still positioned where I wanted it, I stapled it exactly like how I stapled the white fabric.

20And look how pretty they turned out.


These chairs have come a long way, and I couldn’t be happier with them!beforeandafterfinalAnyone finish any projects lately? Ready to try your own hand at upholstery now?

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