We’re All Smiles Here


After my first round of cookies, I was desperate to try again and learn from my mistakes. I’d say the second batch was a big improvement!


The icing came out a little more vibrantly than I had planned (the icing dye is really strong), but other than that this batch went really smoothly.


I particularly like this one – Mr. Fancy Stache. I had made all the others and then decided I’d try something funny for the last one. I wish I had thought of the idea sooner, this cookie was my favorite of the batch.


In my next attempts I want to learn to make a smoother outer edge, mix colors more accurately, and stop the cookie dough from spreading so much as the cookie bakes.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I found this at Barnes and Nobles and am kicking myself for not buying it because it was hilarious and adorable. Wouldn’t it be perfect in a kitchen? Or a bedroom? Or anywhere?


For those of you who follow for home diy stuff, never fear! I have a couple home improvement posts around the corner.

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