Chairs for a Sunny Day

Guys, they’re done!

13These are the chairs I originally found on the side of the road and look how far they’ve come!

Last time we saw them, they were painted but were still missing their cushions. I had all the materials, so first I made a pattern out of newspaper. This would show me how big to cut my foam pillows.


After getting it to the size I liked, I pinned the newspaper to the pillow and traced it.

11Then I just cut it out using scissors. I had some back up plans, but our scissors were sharp enough that I didn’t have to use anything else.

12Annnnnd I didn’t take any photos of the sewing process, but it was fairly straight forward. Two pieces to form the top and bottom of the cushion case and then a long strip to go around the sides. I also opted to make little ties to keep the pillows on the chairs. Then I sewed all the pieces together and stuffed the pillows in.

So cutting to the good part – the after photos!

14I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I also sprayed the chairs with a clear protective coating so they’d be slightly more weather proof (as these will be outdoor chairs). I don’t know how well they’ll do long term but they stood up to one rainstorm already and were fine.15 16They’re come a long way, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Now to maybe find an outdoor side table to go with them…




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