Updating the Porcelain Throne

You know you’re addicted to diy home improvement when your mum asks if you want to help change a toilet seat and you jump at the chance.

But the toilet seat needed a change. Why? The hinges were getting gross. And when you’re trying to sell a house, gross is a no-go.

1Not so pretty.

I grabbed some tools from my dad’s work kit and told my mum I could definitely handle this on my own.


All I needed to do was unscrew this bolt under the toilet. Easy right?


Wrong. I tried both of my tools multiple times, but couldn’t unscrew the screws. “Muuuuuuuuuuum!”

My mum had more luck than I did.


After some set-backs the seat was removed and we were left with a toilet that looked like something out of truck stop.


Definitely going to entice people to buy our house.

Putting the new seat on was a cinch. Here I showcase my excellent potential as a hand model.


Looking so much better!


Not the most exciting update, but it definitely makes the bathroom look more polished, and it’s one more thing checked off the to-do list.

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