Sunday at Lady M’s

I spent today with my lovely friend Lady M, and surprise of surprises, managed to find a diy project. Lady M has been redecorating her room for the past year and today completed the final step – repapering the window shades.

1Lady M and her mom had started this project before hand, so I didn’t get an actual before picture, but here are the shades sans paper.

We tag-teamed it. Lady M measured and cut the paper, and I stapled it up.

2Look, staples! I did that!

3Ta-da, finished product! And finished room.

4I also snapped a picture of Lady M’s adorable chair and lamp. Look how cute they are.

5Her headboard is also to die for. Maybe someday I’ll do a photoshoot of her whole room, because it’s adorable. 7We baked a rhubarb and peach pie too. It kind of bubbled over a little. I had to leave before I got to taste it, but it smelled good!


How did you spend your Sunday, readers?

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