Rub Some Dirt On It

In the continuing parade of home improvements to prep for selling our house, I helped boost our curb appeal.

We’ve tried on and off for years to keep flowers alive, and we usually fail. So we filled in the little flower niche around the edge of our house with rocks, stuck some pretty pots on them and called it a day.


But that wasn’t going to work if we were trying to sell the house. Enter yellow flowers. They’re sunny and really pop against our white house.


The plan was to put the flowers in the pots and I got three planted before we remembered that we wanted to keep our pots and that we would be moving before the house might be sold. Which would mean no flowers and we would lose our limited curb appeal.

3After some thought, we decided to plant the flowers into the ground under the stones. Which involved a lot of shoving aside of rocks and yanking up weeds and breaking a nail.

But they looked good when they were done!



Ermygawd dirty hands. Actually the fact I was the one on plant duty is impressive. Years ago you couldn’t pay me to touch dirt, and now I volunteered to plant the flowers. Progress!


I don’t know how it happened, but I also got this trippy photo.


“We’re all mad here.”

We’ve moved me back into my apartment, so as soon as I’ve gotten everything set up and organized get ready for some before and after photos!

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