Front Porch

My apartment-mates are still getting their stuff settled in, but that’s no reason we can’t start the house tour with a place that’s already finished.

So without further ado, the front porch!

1Last year that black chair lived on our back porch, but because we have a bigger porch this year, and because my roommate often makes phone calls outside, I thought that moving it to the front would look nice and be more functional. I’m tempted to paint it a bright color to go with the plant stand, but for now it’s black.

2The flower pots are still empty. And I may leave them that way. They look cute as is and if I don’t plant anything, then I can’t kill anything. So we’ll see.3And, a sneak peek of what’s on the other side of the door:

4I’m a big Friends fan and so when I found a three dollar frame at a craft store, I nabbed it. In Friends, Monica has a frame around the peep hole on her door, and I thought replicating something similar would be cute.


For simplicity’s sake, I just used some paint I already had lying around. I neglected to realize that I didn’t have any paint brushes. Not to be defeated (and too lazy to go back to the store to buy some), I used rolled up tissues. It worked fine for this project (I needed four tissues), but I wouldn’t recommend it for painting anything bigger than this frame.


And voila! Apartment-mate K made a point to say she thought it looked really cute, and she hasn’t even seen Friends, so this seems like a simple project that could brighten anyone’s home.

6I’ve started photographing the rest of the apartment as we get settled in, so come back soon for the next part of the house tour!

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