Front Room Tour

School has been keeping me busy, but not so busy that I couldn’t take photos of our front room for you!

It’s looking pretty good in my opinion!


But it didn’t start that way.

9Sorry these are a little blurry, I was excited about moving in and didn’t take many photos, so you’ll have to make due with these.

10Of all the rooms in our house, this one is probably the closest to being finished. I want to change out the tablecloth, but right now that’s the only real change I have in mind. I’m sure I’ll think of more things though.


3Ignore the sliver of messy kitchen you can see. The kitchen will be photographed at another date.


Yes, I am the kind of person that puts out magazines for people to read. You know, for if they get bored in our front room. It’s an exciting collection of Real Simple and HGTV Magazine.

5My roommate made me a terrarium for a late birthday present. It’s adorable and according to C chances are minimal that I will kill it.

6Fresh flowers are awesome. They make any room look better, and these were only $4.

7So that’s the front room. It’s great to have such a bright and happy room, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

8Anyone else been decorating their dorms?

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2 Responses to Front Room Tour

  1. jax says:

    Ummmm yeah, the room looks absolutely fantastic!! I love it, i’m jealous!

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