Living Room and Kitchen

On to two major rooms in our apartment: the living room and the kitchen.

I really like our living room. It’s definitely more casual than the other rooms, but that makes it cozy. I think it also reflects the personalities of all the roommates the best.


The school provides the blue sofa, the coffee table, the green chairs and the lamp in the photo above. Everything else is from us.

2I love our hodge-podge collection of pillows. The ones below were from Goodwill. 3And these we made! The lion pillow is based off the design from here.

4We just got this collage up a couple days ago. I’m loving how it looks. 5Andddd the other side of the room. Check out the awesome Black Widow poster.6We had a mini-library last year, but this year not as many people brought books to contribute. Which means I got to style it. I still want to play around with it a little more.7On to the kitchen. The kitchen is the least done room in the apartment.8 You may notice that we have two toasters and no microwave. This was the result of a miscommunication. Two of my apartment-mates said they could bring microwaves and then both thought the other would bring the microwave. Wop-wop, so we’re hoping to buy one this weekend.9We don’t have a whole lot of space to decorate so I’m not sure what I want to do next.

10Look our front room!

11And our cookbook corner. 12Only one more room (my bedroom) and that will be it for our house tour, but don’t worry, I have other things planned. 🙂


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