Oh hey we’re finally at the last room in the apartment (well, at least the last one I’m sharing. You guys don’t get to see my apartment-mates’ room, I don’t think they would appreciate that)! It’s weird because my bedroom is probably the most personalized space in our apartment, but at the same time it just kind of looks like a bedroom and I don’t think it’s as exciting as the other rooms in our house. That said, it’s come a long way since how it was on move-in day.

Before: 1After:

3It’s a little messy, actually I can’t say that because compared to most of my friends my side of the room is clean enough to be part of the ICU at a hospital. But it’s a little messy in a home-y, like a person actually lives here kind of way instead of in a PB Teen ad tidy way.

I am a big fan of bringing little personal things to decorate with. Hence the lightsaber, Captain America plushie, and tiny Tardis among other things. I also use the two pin boards above my bed to pin up mementos from things I did over the course of the school year. It’s pretty empty now, but by the end of the year I’m always running out of room.


A few more personal mementos- I wore that mask to a masquerade I attended Freshman year and the cat sign we got in Italy and reminds me of my cat. 5Before:


Oh hey, you ask, why is that corner pixeled out? Is there some weird pixel creating vortex in your apartment? No, it’s because some of my roommate’s stuff was out and I want to protect her privacy.7

More personal trinkets on my desk. Here you get a brief glimpse of Fred and Ida, my dinosaurs (they’re married), and my Gryffindor mug (I’m officially a Gryff on Pottermore). You also see my GRE prep book, which is less exciting.


And a small detail – I stole this idea from my mum but I used command hooks to hang up all my necklaces. It stops them from getting tangled like they did when they were in my jewelry box, reminds me of what I have and I’ve found that I wear my necklaces more since doing it. All wins in my book.

8That’s it for the house tour for now, but come back soon because I have a return of the diy post in the works. 🙂

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