DIY Photo String Frame

tumblr_ls6gfjEStD1qb5c25Sort of. I hadn’t intended to take a month and a half hiatus, but alas, school takes priority over all. It also means that I haven’t had the time or space to do much diy-ing. But I think I can make this work by also posting other diy projects I do and maybe some other random things like book reviews. We’ll see.

This post is still a home based diy. You remember this sad but potential filled frame I rescued from our neighbor’s trash:

6It now decorates a wall in our apartment and looks a whole lot spiffier!


pin1Sorry for the terrible photo quality. This is hung at the bottom of our stairs in a place that is a dark hole that never gets good lighting.

The good news is that this was really easy to make. My dad helped me put nails into the back of the frame, 6 on each side about 6 inches apart. Then I strung string between them as tightly as I could (the weight of the clothes pins weighs down the string no matter how tight it is, so you want to make it really tight or your strings will look droopy). We had only a minor setback in that the wood in one corner split but some wood glue fixed that problem easily.

pin2I had meant to get plain clothes pins but the craft store I went to only had these decorated ones. I actually love how they look and they weren’t more expensive then normal ones would have been so win-win!

I initially meant for this to be a place where my roommates and I could rotate art, but we haven’t. The postcards on it have been there since the beginning. I them got at 798 (the art district) at a shop in Beijing. They had a big box of them and I fished through and found ones I thought were interesting. Except for the bottom picture which is the front of my cousin’s wedding invite and the very top postcard which I got at a local vintage shop.

pin3 I can’t promise regularly scheduled updates, but now that I’m back I plan to post more frequently than once a month!

Done any fun diy-ing lately? Or have you recycled something and made it into something else?


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