Window Shopping at Home Goods and World Market

I was home this past weekend on a break from school and spent some time looking at furniture for our new house. Of course, I couldn’t buy everything I liked, but I did take photos!

First up, Home Goods. I was looking for a small teal plush chair for my room. Luckily that’s something that’s in this season. There were lots of options!

Option 1!IMG_2694

Wouldn’t this be so cute in my bathroom? We are dubious that would be enough space. So sad.IMG_2695

Another teal chair. This one was a little too big.


I love this little table but I have no place for it. Wouldn’t it make an adorable little nightstand?


Another teal chair. This one was shorter than I wanted in the back.


I’m still on the look out for a bench for the end of my bed. This one could work if I don’t find something I like better.


Cute art!


I definitely want to get cute hooks like these to hang coats on behind my door.


Fun old fashioned globe.


Fun old fashioned plane. I want my brother to get this for his room, it would fit in.


Squirrel!! I love squirrels. Like a lot. So a squirrel pillow? Mine.IMG_2705

I even tested it on a teal chair for looks. Ta-da!


World Market:

Teal chair number 2930. I liked this one but it was too big for the corner it was going in.IMG_2707

And thisss one. This was the one I chose and we bought. It’s the perfect size and really comfy. And now it’s mine, all mine! Mwhahaha.


Decor! Who doesn’t need a little mailbox? Actually most people don’t, but I want it anyway.


Also, clock. My brother is doing his room in a vaguely old traveler/ steampunk kind of way. I want to buy him all these decorations, but he probably wouldn’t appreciate that.


READ!IMG_2711 IMG_2712

Is there any way I can incorporate a rolling tray in my room?? Any way?? No? Darn.IMG_2713

Another cute nightstand. I’m still happy with my choice of nightstand, but these are awesome!IMG_2714

You can buy different doorknobs to customize the look.IMG_2715 Tuk-tuk (rickshaws) pillow! We rode in tuk-tuks when we lived in the Philippines, so I was very tempted to get this out of nostalgia.  I’m still not entirely convinced I won’t go back for it.IMG_2717

I don’t understand, but isn’t it interesting?IMG_2718 IMG_2719 I liked this yellow poof, but I want to see how much space there will be in my room before I buy any more furniture.  IMG_2721

Snazzy lamp. I was looking for something in mercury glass but I didn’t end up finding what I was looking for.IMG_2722

Look at the fun buttons in the back of this chair!IMG_2723 I may only have ended up with a chair and a squirrel pillow but I’m really pleased with them. Now if only the house was done and we could start actually decorating. I do have updated pictures! Look for those soon!

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