Future Projects

An on-going list of potential future projects/ things I would like to accomplish. Not all of them are set to happen, some are just possibilities I’m exploring. 🙂



Front Room

  • Repaint chalkboard, decide on place to put it.
  • Figure out what to hang on the side wall and make/ find it.
  • If the room isn’t carpeted, find a carpet to put in.
  • Consider trying to temporarily turn the provided round table into a rectangle/ square one?
  • Possibly find and paint/ reupholster fun dining room chairs (put blah provided chairs in closet).
  • Find table lamp for divide between front room and kitchen.
  • Experiment with Washi type tape to create temporary wallpaper?
  • Get a little plant that is hard to kill.

Front Hall Closet

  • Find/ make a small shelf that’s wide enough to put the recycling bin on.


  • Rearrange decor.
  • See if wood cabinets are as banged up as last year’s and if so find some sort of wood polish/ scratch fixer to polish them up.
  • Organize drawers and cabinets more efficiently so more counter space is free.

Living Room

  • Find carpet.


  • Find thin mirror to replace the one that broke.
  • Make lightweight frames for the wall mirrors.
  • Make a little shelf to fit over the awkward soap stand attached to the wall. Perhaps make it have space for paper towels for guests?
  • Find cute soap dispenser. Preferably one that comes with a little basket/ stand.
  • Turn my white vase into a diffuser.

Hallway/ Stairs

  • Find lots of frames to make a wall of frames for the upstairs hallway.
  • Find clipboards or make a bulletin board for the wall at the bottom of the stairs.


New House


  • Figure out what you want based on the single pillow and mirrors you bought.


  • Bring in Tiffany’s without going overboard.



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