Oh hey we’re finally at the last room in the apartment (well, at least the last one I’m sharing. You guys don’t get to see my apartment-mates’ room, I don’t think they would appreciate that)! It’s weird because my bedroom is probably the most personalized space in our apartment, but at the same time it just kind of looks like a bedroom and I don’t think it’s as exciting as the other rooms in our house. That said, it’s come a long way since how it was on move-in day.

Before: 1After:

3It’s a little messy, actually I can’t say that because compared to most of my friends my side of the room is clean enough to be part of the ICU at a hospital. But it’s a little messy in a home-y, like a person actually lives here kind of way instead of in a PB Teen ad tidy way.

I am a big fan of bringing little personal things to decorate with. Hence the lightsaber, Captain America plushie, and tiny Tardis among other things. I also use the two pin boards above my bed to pin up mementos from things I did over the course of the school year. It’s pretty empty now, but by the end of the year I’m always running out of room.


A few more personal mementos- I wore that mask to a masquerade I attended Freshman year and the cat sign we got in Italy and reminds me of my cat. 5Before:


Oh hey, you ask, why is that corner pixeled out? Is there some weird pixel creating vortex in your apartment? No, it’s because some of my roommate’s stuff was out and I want to protect her privacy.7

More personal trinkets on my desk. Here you get a brief glimpse of Fred and Ida, my dinosaurs (they’re married), and my Gryffindor mug (I’m officially a Gryff on Pottermore). You also see my GRE prep book, which is less exciting.


And a small detail – I stole this idea from my mum but I used command hooks to hang up all my necklaces. It stops them from getting tangled like they did when they were in my jewelry box, reminds me of what I have and I’ve found that I wear my necklaces more since doing it. All wins in my book.

8That’s it for the house tour for now, but come back soon because I have a return of the diy post in the works. 🙂

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Living Room and Kitchen

On to two major rooms in our apartment: the living room and the kitchen.

I really like our living room. It’s definitely more casual than the other rooms, but that makes it cozy. I think it also reflects the personalities of all the roommates the best.


The school provides the blue sofa, the coffee table, the green chairs and the lamp in the photo above. Everything else is from us.

2I love our hodge-podge collection of pillows. The ones below were from Goodwill. 3And these we made! The lion pillow is based off the design from here.

4We just got this collage up a couple days ago. I’m loving how it looks. 5Andddd the other side of the room. Check out the awesome Black Widow poster.6We had a mini-library last year, but this year not as many people brought books to contribute. Which means I got to style it. I still want to play around with it a little more.7On to the kitchen. The kitchen is the least done room in the apartment.8 You may notice that we have two toasters and no microwave. This was the result of a miscommunication. Two of my apartment-mates said they could bring microwaves and then both thought the other would bring the microwave. Wop-wop, so we’re hoping to buy one this weekend.9We don’t have a whole lot of space to decorate so I’m not sure what I want to do next.

10Look our front room!

11And our cookbook corner. 12Only one more room (my bedroom) and that will be it for our house tour, but don’t worry, I have other things planned. 🙂


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Bathroom Tour

We’re leaping around the house a bit, so today’s tour takes us upstairs to the bathroom. I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures, the lighting in the bathroom isn’t great so these were the best I could get.




See the full length mirror on the back of the closet? I added that. Mirrors are awesome at making a space look bigger and providing extra light. Places like Target also offer cheap ones (that’s where I got this one) and they make a big difference.

I took these photos before my roommates moved in, hence why there is a lack of stuff on the counters.

5Fun story, remember these bottles that I had planned to put on the back of the toilet? The back of our toilet is curved slightly so putting glass bottles on it seemed unwise. Luckily they ended up working out here fine. They also give a purpose to the random metal trays on the wall. The wooden base is being used to hold guest towels. Yes, I have a guest towels. Don’t mock me, we have people over a lot!


6A few other details wrap up the sink area:

7I added a jar for each of us to help corral toothbrushes and toothpaste. So far it seems to be helping with keeping our sink area a little less cluttered.

11And on to the WC Before:


This didn’t photograph well but in real life this turned out to be one of the places I think turned out the best. The room is really tiny, so the amount of decoration is just right. You’ll also notice that the basket for holding toilet paper was moved from the floor where I intended it to be to the back of the toilet. Unlike the glass bottles, a wicker basket isn’t at a lot of risk being on a sloped surface.

9Shower Before:



This is the least exciting part of the bathroom tour. I hung a shower curtain and put out a bath mat (not pictured). Yay. If I can find some waterproof art I may decorate in here some more.

10The bathroom definitely isn’t done (I want to make frames for the mirrors among other things), but it’s looking more home-y than it did before.

Anyone have any other suggestions for things we could do? I’ve been looking around but almost everything I find about bathroom make-overs involves ripping up sinks and painting walls (things we are definitely not allowed to do). Or, has anyone else redecorated their bathroom lately?


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Front Room Tour

School has been keeping me busy, but not so busy that I couldn’t take photos of our front room for you!

It’s looking pretty good in my opinion!


But it didn’t start that way.

9Sorry these are a little blurry, I was excited about moving in and didn’t take many photos, so you’ll have to make due with these.

10Of all the rooms in our house, this one is probably the closest to being finished. I want to change out the tablecloth, but right now that’s the only real change I have in mind. I’m sure I’ll think of more things though.


3Ignore the sliver of messy kitchen you can see. The kitchen will be photographed at another date.


Yes, I am the kind of person that puts out magazines for people to read. You know, for if they get bored in our front room. It’s an exciting collection of Real Simple and HGTV Magazine.

5My roommate made me a terrarium for a late birthday present. It’s adorable and according to C chances are minimal that I will kill it.

6Fresh flowers are awesome. They make any room look better, and these were only $4.

7So that’s the front room. It’s great to have such a bright and happy room, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

8Anyone else been decorating their dorms?

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